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Free French, Spanish Lesson Plans!

Free French, Spanish Lesson Plans, Activities, Games

Want free French and Spanish lesson plans? Well, guess what?  I just opened a Free Resource Library for World Language teachers!   Join thousands of other teachers who are already have access to this secret treasure trove of engaging French and Spanish lesson plans.   Here’s How to Join: 1.  Sign up at the bottom of this post. 2.  Open the email and click on the access link.  Enter your password. 3.  Download the resources that you like. 4.  Keep…

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  • World Language Cafe Lesson Plans

    Get 50 Free World Language Games!

    Do you ever feel like you’ve made so many resources for your classes and that you just wish some veteran teacher would magically appear to give you some new, fresh ideas…

  • Spanish Thanksgiving Ideas for Your Classroom

    Recipes and Resources – A Tasty Combination!

    For many of my Thanksgiving resource descriptions, I write, “Need some time to bake pies and clean the house before your guests arrive or to pack before you travel to visit relatives?…

  • Mexican-Children-Selling-Weavings-Spanish-Lesson-Plans-World-Language-Cafe

    Spanish and French Classroom Games

    I love using games in my Spanish and French classroom. It’s always fun to spice up language class and get students out of their seats and moving around. Active learning is…

  • Famous Hispanics, Francophones PowerPoint, Lesson Plans, Activities

    Spicing Up French and Spanish Adjectives

    After reviewing French or Spanish adjectives with my students, I like to add in a fun activity at the end to get them reading, writing, and speaking, while learning about famous…

  • Mexican-mask-Mexican-Children-Selling-Weavings-Mexico-Unit-Spanish-Lesson-Plans-World-Language-Cafe

    Class Mascot Lesson Plan

    Here’s a fun idea for any world language classroom – it’s amazing how having your own kids in school inspires you. Got this class mascot idea from my daughter’s kindergarten class.…