Free French, Spanish Lesson Plans!

Free French, Spanish Lesson Plans, Activities, Games

Want free French and Spanish lesson plans?

Well, guess what?  I just opened a Free Resource Library for World Language teachers!


Join thousands of other teachers who are already have access to this secret treasure trove of engaging French and Spanish lesson plans.


Here’s How to Join:

1.  Sign up at the bottom of this post.

2.  Open the email and click on the access link.  Enter your password.

3.  Download the resources that you like.

4.  Keep checking the library as I’ll be adding more resources throughout the year.


Check out the free French and Spanish lesson plans waiting for you . . .


50 World Language Games to Spice Up Your Class

Interactive Notebook Flashcards for Question Words and Reflexives

Nationality Partners (Students learn the nationalities by pairing up with different partners throughout the year)

Mexico, Spain:  Flags, Photos, and Interesting Facts

World Language Self Evaluation Form (Students evaluate their own study habits)

And so much more . . .


French, Spanish Free Lesson Plans, Activities, Games

Get free French and Spanish lesson plans!


So what are you waiting for??  Go get your free lesson plans!!  

Sign up below!

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