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Spanish Lesson Plans for the Whole Year!

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Are you a newer teacher who could use some guidance and Spanish lesson plans from a veteran teacher? Are you teaching multiple levels of Spanish classes at once (3-5 preps)? Do you wish your students were more interested and engaged? Are you looking for fresh ideas to spice up your class? Do you feel really tired from trying to do it all? What if  you could get ready-made, teacher-created Spanish lesson plans that your students will love? Believe me, I…

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  • Spanish Ebook with Teaching Tips and Free Lesson Plans

    2017 Spanish ebook, free Spanish lesson plans, games, activities, and teaching tips! Whether you’re new teacher or a veteran teacher, the 2017 Spanish ebook, is a definite must-have for your school year. Every year,…

  • World Language Cafe Lesson Plans

    Get 50 Free World Language Games!

    Do you ever feel like you’ve made so many resources for your classes and that you just wish some veteran teacher would magically appear to give you some new, fresh ideas…

  • Mexican-Children-Selling-Weavings-Spanish-Lesson-Plans-World-Language-Cafe

    Spanish and French Classroom Games

    I love using games in my Spanish and French classroom. It’s always fun to spice up language class and get students out of their seats and moving around. Active learning is…