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French Lesson Plans

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    Spanish Games and French Games

    I love using French and Spanish games in class. It’s always fun to spice up language class and get students out of their seats and moving around. Active learning is so…

  • Famous Hispanics, Francophones PowerPoint, Lesson Plans, Activities

    Famous Hispanics and Famous Francophones

    After reviewing French or Spanish adjectives with my students, I like to add a fun activity to get them reading, writing, and speaking, while learning about famous Francophones and famous Hispanics.…

  • Mexican-kids-Mexico-Unit-Spanish-Lesson-Plans-World-Language-Cafe

    Breaking Down Stereotypes in Spanish Class

    Breaking down stereotypes is a fun first week of school activity for your World Language students. Step 1: Think about common stereotypes. Ask students to think about stereotypes they may have…

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    Why Learn a Language? A List of Reasons

    One of the first things I like to do during the first week of school is to ask my students, “Why learn a language?”  They usually give honest answers such as: …

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    Class Mascot Lesson Plan

    Here’s a simple, yet fun idea for any World Language classroom – it’s amazing how having your own kids in school inspires you. Got this class mascot idea from my daughter’s…