Spicing Up French and Spanish Adjectives

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After reviewing French or Spanish adjectives with my students, I like to add in a fun activity at the end to get them reading, writing, and speaking, while learning about famous Francophones and famous Hispanics.  We play a game called 20 Questions.  For homework or in class, have students write 20 clues about a famous person or for more advanced students, about a famous Hispanic/Francophone.  

Check over their questions for grammar accuracy and then you’re ready to play the game.

  • Students take turns reading their 20 clues, 1 clue at a time, while the other students try to guess who the famous person is.  They write #’s 1-20 on a sheet of paper and then write down their guesses next to each clue number, but without telling anyone else whom they are guessing.  At the end of the 20 clues, students raise their hands to guess the famous person.  The student who wrote the name of the famous person by the lowest number gets to read their clues next.

If you’re looking for something even easier (perhaps you have some compositions to grade, exams to prepare, or just need a break from your students for a day), I created 2 ready-to-go Famous Hispanics and Famous Francophones PowerPoints with read 20 clues (written in the target language) for 25-30 people.  It also has the template to add your own clues for future years.

  • In the PowerPoint, you click to add each clue to the page so you can spend as much time with each clue as you want.  The PowerPoint starts off with famous people, mostly Americans, so the students get the hang of the game and then adds in famous Francophones and Hispanics (depending on which version you use).  Afterwards the students create their own clues and advanced students can research their own famous people as part of a resume writing project with an audiovisual component.

I love, love, love this project because it encompasses all aspects of language acquisition and the students have fun doing it.  This lesson is also perfect if you know you’ll have a substitute for a few days.  just print the instructions and you can be out sick or on vacation with no worries about your classroom.

Here are links to my Famous Hispanics PowerPoint and Famous Francophones PowerPoint.

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