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  • Don't do it! Try a different French or Spanish activity instead of showing a movie - World Language Cafe

    Spanish Activities Before Break or Vacation

    Don’t do it!!!  Don’t show your students a movie the last few days before a long holiday break!  Instead, check out these 10 Spanish activities before break to save your sanity…

  • Trifold Flashcards - Revolutionize the Way You Teach Verbs, Vocab, and Grammar in Your World Language Classroom!

    Trifold Flashcards to Revolutionize the Way You Teach!

    Do your students struggle with verb conjugations and remembering vocab? Are they unable to use verbs in a sentence without conjugating the whole thing in their heads? Do they misspell verbs…

  • Mexican-Children-Selling-Weavings-Spanish-Lesson-Plans-World-Language-Cafe

    Spanish Games and French Games

    I love using French and Spanish games in class. It’s always fun to spice up language class and get students out of their seats and moving around. Active learning is so…

  • Famous Hispanics, Francophones PowerPoint, Lesson Plans, Activities

    Famous Hispanics and Famous Francophones

    After reviewing French or Spanish adjectives with my students, I like to add a fun activity to get them reading, writing, and speaking, while learning about famous Francophones and famous Hispanics.…

  • Mexican-mask-Mexican-Children-Selling-Weavings-Mexico-Unit-Spanish-Lesson-Plans-World-Language-Cafe

    Class Mascot Lesson Plan

    Here’s a simple, yet fun idea for any World Language classroom – it’s amazing how having your own kids in school inspires you. Got this class mascot idea from my daughter’s…