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  • Why Spanish Sub Plans Fail

    Why Spanish Sub Plans and French Sub Plans Fail

    Do you leave what you think are very clear Spanish sub plans or French sub plans only to return to chaos the next day? Have any of the following happened to…

  • French First Week Activities

    French First Week Activities

    French First Week Activities: In my previous 4 posts, I’ve talked about why it’s so important to create an immersion atmosphere, how to set the tone for the year, and how…

  • Spanish First Day

    Spanish First Day Activities

    Spanish First Day Activities How to Teach Using Immersion In my last post, I talked about why it’s so important to create an immersion atmosphere in your class during the first…

  • 20 Worst Sub Experiences Ever!

    The 20 Worst Sub Experiences Ever!!

    As I was writing my last post, “Why Subs Fail (and How to Help Them Succeed)“, I heard lots of sub plans horror stories from all of you and just had to…

  • Free French, Spanish Lesson Plans, Activities, Games

    Want free French and Spanish lesson plans?

    Over 14,567 other teachers have already accessed 25+ free French and Spanish lesson plans. What are you waiting for? Free Spanish lesson plans and free French lesson plans are waiting for…

  • French Distance Learning

    Online French Activities for Students at Home

    So the coronavirus has hit your town, your school closed, but you are still expected to teach your students who can’t come to school. These online French activities will provide engaging…

  • 25 Strategies for Chatty Students

    What to Do with Talkative Students in French Class

    Even experienced teachers sometimes struggle with talkative students in French class . . . So I put together this list of 25 strategies for chatty students. If you’d like to see the Spanish version…

  • Laura Lee - K-8 Spanish Teacher

    Laura Lee, Spanish Teacher, Teacher Feature #5

    Today, we’ll meet veteran Teacher – Laura Lee (For the Love of Spanish) who taught Spanish K-8 in private and public schools for 18 years and is currently taking a year…

  • 50 Reward Ideas for Middle School or High School Students

    The Ultimate List of High School Rewards!

    Looking for high school rewards or middle school rewards to motivate students? Tired of finding reward ideas that are more applicable to elementary kids than your 8th, 9th, or 10th graders?…