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Spanish Lesson Plans

  • Spanish Subjunctive Lesson Plans

    Spanish Subjunctive Lesson Plans and Activities

    If the subjunctive is your favorite topic to teach in Spanish class, raise your hand? Hmm, no hands up . . . That’s because NO TEACHER EVER would raise their hand…

  • Why Spanish Sub Plans Fail

    Why Spanish Sub Plans and French Sub Plans Fail

    Do you leave what you think are very clear Spanish sub plans or French sub plans only to return to chaos the next day? Have any of the following happened to…

  • Spanish First Day

    Spanish First Day Activities

    Spanish First Day Activities How to Teach Using Immersion In my last post, I talked about why it’s so important to create an immersion atmosphere in your class during the first…

  • Spanish Speaking Countries, Capitals, Flags

    Spanish Speaking Countries, Capitals

    Ever wonder which countries use Spanish as their official language? Did you know there are 21 Spanish speaking countries? North America – 1, The Caribbean – 3, Central America – 6,…

  • 20 Worst Sub Experiences Ever!

    The 20 Worst Sub Experiences Ever!!

    As I was writing my last post, “Why Subs Fail (and How to Help Them Succeed)“, I heard lots of sub plans horror stories from all of you and just had to…

  • Spanish Speaking Lesson Plans

    Spanish Speaking Activities

    As a follow-up to my 3 part series of 20 Ways to Get Your Students Speaking in the Target Language, I created this list of 15 creative Spanish speaking activities to…