Spanish Subjunctive Lesson Plans and Activities


Arrggg . . . teaching the Spanish subjunctive is just so tedious and students never get it!

This post is for all you Spanish teachers out there who dread teaching the subjunctive. I took the trickiest thing to teach in Spanish and spiced it up with some fun games, songs, and internet activities. I also created handouts that clarify difficult grammar points and explain the formation in simple terms.

One of the activities that works best in my classroom is . . . having the students speak all in the subjunctive. They can say whatever they want, but they must use subjunctive expressions. See how long they can keep the conversation going. Start off by playing the song, “Ojalá que llueva cafe” for inspiration. Then pick a few expressions to use and practice a sample conversation as a class. Let students use their subjunctive expression handouts for this activity.

Break them into small conversation groups and get started.

For example:

“Ojalá que llueva chocolate hoy porque me encanta el chocolate.”

“Ojalá que no llueva chocolate hoy porque tenemos un partido de fútbol y no quiero que chocolate caiga en mis ojos mientras juego.”

“Si lloviera chocolate, yo usaría un balde para recoger todo el chocolate y lo daría a todos los niños que no tengan chocolate.”

The sillier the conversation, the better. This activity works really well because it makes them think in Spanish and use the expressions many times. So much better than a boring worksheet!

Get ready-made lesson plans to teach the subjunctive from start to finish!

Full Subjunctive Unit
Subjunctive Trigger Word Wall Words
Subjunctive Quiz and Test

Spanish Subjunctive Lesson Plans, Activities

Spanish Subjunctive Lesson Plans, Activities

And be sure to share your favorite ideas for teaching the subjunctive in the comments below.

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