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Vocab and Grammar

  • Spanish Subjunctive Lesson Plans

    Spanish Subjunctive Lesson Plans and Activities

    If the subjunctive is your favorite topic to teach in Spanish class, raise your hand? Hmm, no hands up . . . That’s because NO TEACHER EVER would raise their hand…

  • Teach students to choose between preterite and imperfect tenses.

    Preterite vs. Imperfect: How to Choose

    Simple 5 Question System for Choosing Preterite vs. Imperfect As Spanish teachers, we all know that one of the trickiest topics to teach is how to choose between the preterite and…

  • French Lesson Plans, Games, Activities to use all year long

    French Lesson Plans for the Whole Year!

    Are you a newer teacher who could use some guidance and French lesson plans from a veteran teacher?  Perhaps you teach multiple levels of French classes at once (3-5 preps).  Do…

  • Spanish Lesson Plans, Spanish Games, Spanish Activities, Spanish Resources, Spanish Year Long Curriculum

    Spanish Lesson Plans for the Whole Year!

    Are you a newer teacher who could use some guidance and Spanish lesson plans from a veteran teacher? Are you teaching multiple levels of Spanish classes at once (3-5 preps)? Do…

  • How to Teach Irregular Verbs and Tricky Grammar, French, Spanish

    How to Teach Irregular Verbs

    In the first 2 parts of this series, we discussed how native speakers learn differently than language students and how to break down tricky verb tenses into manageable chunks by teaching…

  • How to Teach French, Spanish Preterite vs. Imperfect Spanish Lessons

    How to Teach Preterite Conjugations

    Don’t you just love teaching tricky verb tenses?  Nope, not really!  In particular, the past tenses and the subjunctive can be so troublesome to teach.  But why are they so hard to teach?…

  • 20 Strategies, Tips to Get Your Students Speaking in the Target Language, Comprehensible Input

    Ways to Get French, Spanish Students Speaking

    Know what makes my language teacher heart break? When I tell people that I am a French and Spanish teacher and they proceed to tell me that they took X number…