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  • Practical and Comprehensible Conference 2024

    Practical and Comprehensible Conference 2024

    Looking for World Language teacher professional development that will rejuvenate you and bring joy back to your teaching? Check out the free Practical and Comprehensible Conference 2024. 30+ presentations from veteran…

  • A Love Letter to French Teachers

    As teachers, you are often asked to do the impossible, I’m using this post to write a love letter to French teachers.  Throughout a typical school year, you are asked to:…

  • Spanish Subjunctive Lesson Plans

    Spanish Subjunctive Lesson Plans and Activities

    If the subjunctive is your favorite topic to teach in Spanish class, raise your hand? Hmm, no hands up . . . That’s because NO TEACHER EVER would raise their hand…

  • 3 Exciting New Types of French Flashcards!

    Are your students still making their own French flashcards? I sure hope not! Here are the problems with student-made French flashcards. Check out 3 new types of flashcards that are so…

  • * Blog Posts, Resources, Activities, Lesson Plans *

    WORLD LANGUAGE CAFE STORE 25+ free lesson plans + 50 review games! If you know the password, go to the library now. Password Hint: Store name with one different letter. FRANCOPROMO…

  • Easy French Sub Plans

    The Easiest French Sub Plans Ever!

    I don’t know about you, but creating French sub plans used to stress me out so much. And it was very challenging to get a competent sub who would use them…

  • Why Spanish Sub Plans Fail

    Why Spanish Sub Plans and French Sub Plans Fail

    Do you leave what you think are very clear Spanish sub plans or French sub plans only to return to chaos the next day? Have any of the following happened to…

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