3 Exciting New Types of French Flashcards!

Are your students still making their own French flashcards?

I sure hope not! Here are the problems with student-made French flashcards.

  1. They don’t have visual cues.
  2. Students spell the words wrong.
  3. English on the cards prevents true immersion.
  4. Students lose their flashcards.
  5. Students don’t even bother to make them in the first place.

Check out 3 new types of flashcards that are so much more effective!  

In this post, I’ll discuss the different types of French flashcards, how to use them in class, and I’ll link to free sets for each type of flashcard so you can test them out and see which ones you like the best.

Grab them all at once in my World Language Cafe Free Resource Library or click on the individual links in this post.




Students tape these directly into their notebooks in strips. The flashcards have a photo of the vocabulary on one side and the word in French on the back. They flip the flashcards to study. (I don’t know about your students, but my students like to flip things).

And students practice writing sentences underneath the flashcards.  The writing aspect of these helps students remember the words.  I love that they’re in their notebooks so students can refer to them throughout the year and for final exams.

These can also be used as manipulatives for games at their desks or in stations. Get free sets for reflexive verbs and question words.


French Trifold Flashcards
French Trifold Flashcards

These are another type of interactive notebook flashcard, but each flashcard strip tells a short story. The students read the sentences and write the vocabulary word 3 times into the story on one side. Then they flip the flashcard over and fill in more of the blanks of the same story on the other side. Finally, they write the whole story underneath the flashcard in their notebooks.

Great for sneaking in grammar when they’re not expecting it. By the time they’re done, they have written each vocab word or verb 9 times in context.  Get a free set for question words.


French Boom Cards
French Boom Cards

Quizlet, Memrize, GimKit, Boom Cards . . . So many different options for students who like to practice online!

My favorite platform is Boom Learning because the flashcards have sound files and drag and drop features. The sound files are great because students can hear the actual pronunciation of the word.

What I also like about Boom is that students focus on learning instead of just playing games or freezing out other students.  They have fun doing GimKit, but they don’t learn very much.  And with Quizlet and Memrize, they can’t hear how the word is pronounced.

The cards are self-correcting and if you buy FastPass, ~$25 for the year, (well worth it in my opinion), you get results in real time that show how each student is doing.

So if you notice that Billy is really struggling, you can help him or if you notice that the whole class is having trouble, you should spend more time on that particular concept.

You can also just get a free basic account – it only takes 1-2 minutes to set up.  All you have to do is send your students the link to the deck of cards and your work is done.  Pretty sweet!

Be sure to get your free set of French Alphabet Boom Cards. And grab another free set for clothing in the Free Resource Library.

So which type of French flashcard is right for your students? 

My answer is why do you have to pick just one? 

Keep things fresh in your classroom and use a variety of flashcards throughout the year – see which ones your students like best.

Or give your students choices and options. From time to time, let them pick whether to complete an assignment with trifolds, regular INB’s, or digital flashcards.  Differentiated learning at its best!

Remember to get your free sets of flashcards in the Free Resource Library or by clicking on the individual links above.  I’d love to know which type you like the best in the comments section!

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