Spanish Speaking Countries, Capitals

Spanish Speaking Countries, Capitals, Flags

Ever wonder which countries use Spanish as their official language? Did you know there are 21 Spanish speaking countries? North America – 1, The Caribbean – 3, Central America – 6, South America – 9, Europe – 1, and Africa – 1.

Here’s the complete list of countries and capitals, including colorful maps and a few easy ways to remember them. Practice now with digital flashcards.

21 Countries, Capitals

Mexico (México) Mexico City
(México D. F. – Distrito Federal – like Washington, DC) 
Guatemala Guatemala City
(Ciudad de Guatemala) 
El Salvador San Salvador
Costa RicaSan José
Panama (Panamá)Panama City
(Ciudad de Panamá)
Puerto Rico – San Juan
Domican Republic (la República Dominicana) – Santo Domingo
Cuba – Havana

(la Habana)
Colombia – Bogotá
Venezuela – Caracas
Ecuador – Quito
Bolivia – Sucre

Peru – Lima
Paraguay – Asunción
Chile – Santiago
Argentina – Buenos Aires
Uruguay – Montevideo
Spain (España) – Madrid
Equatorial Guinea (Guinea ecuatorial) – Malabo

21 Spanish Speaking Countries Map
21 Hispanic Countries Map

Is La Paz or Sucre the Capital of Boliva?

People often wonder what is the official capital of Bolivia. Here’s the answer.

Bolivia unofficially has two capital cities, La Paz and Sucre. La Paz is the administrative capital and is home to the executive, legislative, and electoral branches of government. Sucre is the constitutional capital and is home to the judicial branch of the government.

As designated in the Bolivian Constitution, Sucre is the official national capital city.

North America

Mexico (México) – Mexico City (México D. F. – Distrito Federal – similar to Washington, DC) 

Central America

Guatemala – Guatemala City (Ciudad de Guatemala) 
El Salvador – San Salvador
Costa Rica – San José
Honduras – Tegucigalpa
Nicaragua – Managua
Panama (Panamá) – Panama City (Ciudad de Panamá)

Central American Spanish Speaking Countries

The Caribbean

Puerto Rico – San Juan
Domican Republic (la República Dominicana) – Santo Domingo
Cuba – Havana (la Habana)

Caribbean Spanish Speaking Countries
Caribbean Spanish Speaking Countries

South America

Venezuela – Caracas
Colombia – Bogotá
Ecuador – Quito
Perú – Lima
Bolivia – Sucre
Paraguay – Asunción
Chile – Santiago
Argentina – Buenos Aires
Uruguay – Montevideo

South American Spanish Speaking Countries
Spanish Speaking Countries in South America


Spain – Madrid


Equatorial Guinea (Guinea ecuatorial) – Malabo

Teaching Nationalities

Nationalities can be tricky so I created this free helpful nationality partner sheet. Students work with a variety of partners throughout the year and learn nationalities. Grab it with the instructions in my Free Resource Library.


Tricks for Remembering Spanish Speaking Countries

Did you know the brain can only usually remember 8 items at a time? Use these handy pneumonic devices to remember all 21. If you’re a teacher, challenge students to create their own pneumonic devices.

Hispanic Countries
Spanish Speaking Countries
Hispanic Countries
Spanish Speaking Countries

Learn the Spanish speaking countries, capitals, and flags with Boom Cards! Perfect for learning at home, tutoring, or in-class assignments.

Hispanic Country Flags

Ever wanted to learn all the Hispanic country flags? Check out this handy graphic!

Spanish Speaking Countries Flags

Helpful Activities and Cultural Lessons

Looking for more activities, video clips, map quizzes, etc.? Here are some helpful resources.

  1. Full Year of Hispanic Culture (101 video clips, map quizzes, PPT with colorful photos, nationality practice, flags, color by number flags, and so much more!)
  2. 101 Hispanic Countries Video Clips
  3. Famous Hispanics PowerPoint
  4. Hispanic Countries PowerPoint
  5. Maps, Quizzes, Flags, Nationality Practice
  6. Color by Number Flags
  7. Hispanic Countries Boom Cards

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How do you teach Hispanic countries in your classes? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Teaching!

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