Spanish Ebook with Teaching Tips and Free Lesson Plans

2017 Spanish ebook, free Spanish lesson plans, games, activities, and teaching tips!

Whether you’re new teacher or a veteran teacher, the 2017 Spanish ebook, is a definite must-have for your school year.

Every year, my Spanish teacher friends and I put together this downloadable ebook.  25 free Spanish resources for your classroom, written by top TpT teacher authors!  And trust me – these lesson plans are AMAZING!  And be sure to read to the bottom of this post, because I link to past ebooks and you can get all the free resources from those, too.

Spanish Ebook - Free Resources, Lesson Plans, Games, Activities

This year, we created 3 versions, one for K-5 Spanish teachers and one for Grades 6-12. , plus a French ebook Here’s a sneak peek at the goodies inside each one.

Grades K-5 Free Spanish lesson plans, games, and activities:

*Take Home Binder Labels
*Los sonidos iniciales
*Llama coloring sheet
*Back to School Pennant in Spanish
*Trabajo de palabras
*La araña pequeñita
*Scoot Numbers to 5
*Los Pescaditos Poem
*Colombia Minibook
*Adivina Quién Game
*Los días de la semana reader
*Transition Video
*Repaso de sonidos
*Goal Planning Worksheets
*Back to School Games Sampler
*Unit 1 Los Pollitos Dicen

Grades 6-12 Free Spanish lesson plans, games, and activities:

*Scavenger Hunt Activity
*Present Tense Summary Chart
*Interactive Notebook Flash Cards
*School Supplies Vocabulary Puzzles
*All About Me Infographic Activity
*Reward Coupons
*Imperfect Tense Task Cards
*Readings for MovieTalk Extension
*”Fotografía” Song Activities
*Student Profile Sheet
*Para Empezar Daily Bell Ringers
*Transition Video
*Interactive Reading Activity for Hispanic Heritage Month
*Categories Game
*50 Culture Project Ideas
*Clothing Google Drive Activity
*Preterite vs. Imperfect Graphic Organizer
*Interactive Activities for September
*Todo acerca de mi Build-a-Book
*Spanish Adjective Bingo
*Comic Strip Activity
*Instagram Activity
*”Paraíso” Song Activities
*Digital Breakout Activity
*Conjugation Game for -AR Verbs
*Classroom Management Strategy

Not only do you get the free resources, but each of these veteran Spanish teachers shares a pro teaching tip.  Even though I’ve taught for many years, I always learn so much when I read these.

Our K-5 2016 ebook and Grades 6-12 2015 ebook and 2016 ebooks have been downloaded over 14,000 times.  And guess what?

Each of them has additional teaching tips and free Spanish resources.  Triple the fun!

So you can get 80 free Spanish games, activities, teaching tips, and lesson plans for your class.  Amazing!

Still not sure?  Here’s a sneak peek at my page.  You’ll need to download the actual ebook to be able to click on the resources.

Spanish Ebook - World Language Cafe, Free Spanish Lesson Plans, Resources, Games, Activities

Spanish Ebook – World Language Cafe

And for those of you who also teach French, be sure to check out the French ebook.

And you can grab even more freebies in my Free Resource Library!  25+ resources and more added throughout the year!


Hope that all these tips, tricks, and resources help you have the best year ever!

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