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Do you ever feel like you’ve made so many resources for your classes and that you just wish some veteran teacher would magically appear to give you some new, fresh ideas that your students will love?  Well, today is your lucky day!  I’m giving away one of my best-selling resources, 50 World Language Games and Activities to Spice Up Your Classroom, along with many other free lesson plans, plus more throughout the year.


Why you ask?  Because I remember what it was like to be a new teacher and to have to create everything from scratch, I know what it’s like to be the only language teacher in the school, and I know what it’s like to feel tired and out of good ideas.  Sometimes we teachers just need a break to recharge.

I don’t want any teachers to ever feel tired, frustrated, stressed out, or alone again!  

My other goal is to make language class every student’s favorite class (yep, gym class and lunch, beware, we’re coming for you). Languages don’t have to be just boring verb conjugations and memorizing. In what other class can you eat yummy food, dance, listen to music, play games, and call it learning.

Language class should be the highlight not just of every student’s day, but also of every teacher’s day.  

So join me on my quest this year to make World Language class THE BEST CLASS EVER!!!

Subscribe to my email list, and you’ll get these games instantly, plus exclusive free resources and teaching tips from me all year long.  Last year, my email list subscribers received over 25 free resources, plus valuable tips for saving time and reducing stress levels.  Stop me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t we all use a little more time and a little less stress?

Also, if you want to collaborate with hundreds of other language teachers from around the world, join our World Language Cafe Facebook Group, an online World Language teacher’s lounge where we share tips, frustrations, humor, and friendship.

Looking forward to chatting with you there soon!

Psst. . .  Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get in the 50 World Language Games:

Put the fun back into your classroom for you and your students. Teach them World Languages while: designing T-shirts, enjoying authentic food at your own language cafe, playing classroom sports, singing songs, writing fairy tales, acting out movies, and much, much more. Your students will learn a ton, but won’t even notice because they’ll be having such a blast.

Air Band
Ball Game
Cartoon Ideas
Categories Game
Chain of Commands
Class Mascot
Class Story
Conversation Cards
Decorating Your Classroom
Describing Pictures
Designing T-shirts
Drawing Pictures
The Dropsies
Duck, Duck, Goose
Fairy Tale Writing
Famous Person Resume Project
Famous Person Game
Final Exam Review Project
Flyswatter, Funny People
Golf, Golf Sample Sheets
Guess the Sentence
Hands Up
Ladder Game
Laminated People
Letter Scramble
Magnetic Letters
Music Project
Newspaper Articles
Picture Drawing Game
Puppets/Stuffed Animals
Reading Library
Simon Says
Speed Acting
Speed Vocabulary
Language Café)
Twenty Questions
Verb Train
Vocabulary Card Game
Weekend Report
What Are You Doing?
What Would You Do for Points?
Who Wants to Be a Big Candy Winner?
Write Your Own Fill in the Blank Stories

These games can be used for speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities and projects as well as to review verb tenses, conjugations, culture, and vocabulary for elementary students to AP students.

Join my quest to make World Language class the BEST CLASS EVER!!!

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