2 Truths and a Lie: Based on a Teacher’s Life

A sneak peek at the secret lives of teachers, 2 truths and a lie

Today we’re going to be playing the classic

“2 Truths and a Lie” game, based on the life of a teacher.

See if you can guess which of the 3 statements is the lie.

In Class:

  1. Teachers secretly love being the center of attention and making students laugh by doing goofy things.
  2. Sometimes, teachers like playing games as much as the students do.
  3. Teachers never stifle their own laughter when something slightly inappropriate, but funny occurs.  Ex. When Jimmy climbs out the window at the end of class instead of going out the door.

Between Classes:

  1. Teachers make time to talk to struggling students, organize all the papers and activities for the next class, and wait outside the door to greet students as the next class comes in.
  2. Teachers quickly clean up the activities from the last class, set up the activities for the next class, and respond to that parent email from yesterday. Then they track down that set of copies that has mysteriously disappeared.
  3. Teachers have to decide which is the highest priority:  going to the bathroom before the next class, grabbing a snack so their stomachs aren’t grumbling, or talking to that student who is struggling.

After School:

  1.  Teachers have plenty of time each day during school to meet with students for extra help, correct papers and prepare all their lesson plans, so they rarely bring work home.
  2. Teachers spend hours after school, at night, and on the weekends grading papers, preparing for classes, and writing observation reports.
  3. Teachers pick up their own kids, run to after-school activities, squeeze in a trip to the grocery store and the pharmacy, and still have no idea what they’ll make for dinner.

The Final Countdown:

  1.  You may think it’s only the students who keep track of how many school days are left, but secretly the teachers have a countdown going, too.
  2. Students, especially seniors, diligently pay attention to what their teachers are saying the last month of school because they want to absorb every last bit of knowledge before summer.
  3. Teachers and students gaze longingly out the window during school, daydreaming of swimming at the pool or surfing the waves at the beach.

Teacher Gifts:

  1. Teachers love getting chocolate or coffee as a gift any time of year.
  2. Teachers think getting gift cards to the local mall or local restaurants is amazing.  That way, they can pick out what they want.
  3. Teachers treasure the pottery that your son or daughter made in art class because it’s handmade and means so much.  It never goes into the “circular file” on the side of your desk.

Home Life:

  1. The minute teachers come home, they transform from super professional, really cute clothes to their real superhero garb:  leggings, pajamas, their favorite 10 year old T-shirt, or whatever else is comfy.
  2. Teachers dress nicely because they’re just used to doing that all day.
  3. Teachers love a juicy TV show as much as their students.  Thursday night lineup, here we come.

Back to School Prep:

  1. During the summer, teachers on average, spend a few hours a week preparing for next year’s classes.
  2. Teachers start organizing their classrooms and preparing lessons two weeks before school starts.
  3. Teachers prep their classrooms the day or two before school starts, plan for the first day or two of classes, and then wing it from there.

First Day Back to School:

  1. Teachers don’t worry about going back to school – after all they’ve done this for several years.
  2. Teachers get more and more anxious as the first day of school approaches because they never know what their new classes will be like.
  3. Teachers soak up every last minute of summer doing all the things they love.

And the answers are (in case they weren’t obvious):  3,1,1,2,3,2,1,1.  

Would love to hear your own 2 truths and a lie about teachers in the comments section of this post.

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