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  • How to Teach Irregular Verbs and Tricky Grammar, French, Spanish

    How to Teach Irregular Verbs

    In the first 2 parts of this series, we discussed how native speakers learn differently than language students and how to break down tricky verb tenses into manageable chunks by teaching…

  • How to Teach French, Spanish Preterite vs. Imperfect Spanish Lessons

    How to Teach Preterite Conjugations

    Don’t you just love teaching tricky verb tenses?  Nope, not really!  In particular, the past tenses and the subjunctive can be so troublesome to teach.  But why are they so hard to teach?…

  • 20 Strategies, Tips to Get Your Students Speaking in the Target Language, Comprehensible Input

    Ways to Get French, Spanish Students Speaking

    Know what makes my language teacher heart break? When I tell people that I am a French and Spanish teacher and they proceed to tell me that they took X number…

  • Trifold Flashcards - Revolutionize the Way You Teach Verbs, Vocab, and Grammar in Your World Language Classroom!

    Trifold Flashcards to Revolutionize the Way You Teach!

    Do your students struggle with verb conjugations and remembering vocab? Are they unable to use verbs in a sentence without conjugating the whole thing in their heads? Do they misspell verbs…

  • Cinco de Mayo, Lesson Plan, Activity, PowerPoint, Mexico, Recipes, Spanish Class

    Cinco de Mayo Activities for Spanish Class

    Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching.  Are you ready to create a memorable Cinco experience for your Spanish students?  What?  You’re busy grading papers, writing final exams, and trying to figure…

  • World Language Cafe - French and Spanish Lesson Plans, Games, Activities

    Connect with Me on Social Media

    Just added this post with all my social media accounts so we can connect with each other.  I love hearing what you have to say, so please get in touch.  Thought…

  • Virtual-Field-Trips-in-the-World-Language-Classroom

    French and Spanish Virtual Field Trips

    So I’m sure many of you have taken your students on real field trips – boy, they’re an awful lot of work:  permission slips, chaperones, counting kids, finding the one kid…

  • Cinco de Mayo Lesson Plans, Ideas, Activites, for Spanish Class, The Truth about Cinco de Mayo

    History of Cinco de Mayo: What Really Happened

    Cinco de Mayo is coming up and as Spanish teachers, it’s our chance to set the record straight with the true history of Cinco de Mayo, what really happened. 1. Cinco…

  • 2 Mexican men playing the mirimba to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Spanish class.

    Hispanic Heritage Month Activities

    For all you Spanish teachers out there, Oct. 15th-Nov. 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month. Here are 10 fun, Hispanic Heritage Month activities to teach your students about the 21 Hispanic countries…