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9 Day of the Dead Spanish Activities and Lesson Plans

Day of the Dead Spanish Lesson Plan, Games, Activitie, Día de los Muertos

Looking for engaging Day of the Dead Spanish activities? Spice up your classes with these Day of the Dead Spanish activities ranging from authentic video clips to make your own memorials, crafts, recipes, songs, and so much more. Also, be sure to get the Day of the Dead Vocabulary and Secret Message Worksheet at the end of this post. 1. Colorful PowerPoint A Day of the Dead PowerPoint filled with colorful visuals is a great way to illustrate the most…

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  • Why Spanish Sub Plans Fail

    Why Spanish Sub Plans and French Sub Plans Fail

    Do you leave what you think are very clear Spanish sub plans or French sub plans only to return to chaos the next day? Have any of the following happened to…

  • Cinco de Mayo, Lesson Plan, Activity, PowerPoint, Mexico, Recipes, Spanish Class

    Cinco de Mayo Activities for Spanish Class

    Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching.  Are you ready to create a memorable Cinco experience for your Spanish students?  What?  You’re busy grading papers, writing final exams, and trying to figure…

  • Cinco de Mayo Lesson Plans, Ideas, Activites, for Spanish Class, The Truth about Cinco de Mayo

    History of Cinco de Mayo: What Really Happened

    Cinco de Mayo is coming up and as Spanish teachers, it’s our chance to set the record straight with the true history of Cinco de Mayo, what really happened. 1. Cinco…

  • Mexican-kids-Mexico-Unit-Spanish-Lesson-Plans-World-Language-Cafe

    Breaking Down Stereotypes in Spanish Class

    Breaking down stereotypes is a fun first week of school activity for your World Language students. Step 1: Think about common stereotypes. Ask students to think about stereotypes they may have…

  • Mexican-mask-Mexican-Children-Selling-Weavings-Mexico-Unit-Spanish-Lesson-Plans-World-Language-Cafe

    Class Mascot Lesson Plan

    Here’s a simple, yet fun idea for any World Language classroom – it’s amazing how having your own kids in school inspires you. Got this class mascot idea from my daughter’s…

  • Teach your Spanish students about culture with this Ancient dance of the flyers, danza de los voladores.

    Danza de los Voladores de Papantla

    Danza de los voladores  Check out this video that I took at Xcaret (a park near Playa del Carmen, Mexico) of the Danza de los Voladores de Papantla, (Dance of the Flyers).…