Anne-Marie Rocheleau, Teacher Feature #2

Teacher Feature - Anne-Marie Rocheleau, World Language Cafe

Today we’re going to meet Anne-Marie Rocheleau, a veteran French immersion teacher from Ontario, Canada.

Veteran Teacher:  Anne-Marie Rocheleau, Les Ressources de Rocstar
Subjects and Experience: Grade 5, French Immersion, 28 years (grades 3-8)
Location:  Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Most Embarrassing Moment

Second-year teaching, during Teacher Performance Appraisal by my principal.  It was a math lesson on fractions.  I had no idea how to teach it (first time teaching math), let alone understand it. He took over my lesson and did a great job. I was so embarrassed, but it was a teachable moment.  I understood what fractions were after that.  But, I did get a good review.

Gold Star Teaching Moment

I teach French Language Arts and Math.  So during a math lesson, I always teach it 2-3 times, differently, with lots of examples and explanations.  I love when I hear the AHA moment from kids!

Best Teacher Tip

Take time for yourself; DO NOT BRING WORK HOME (for real! It will still be there the next day. So don’t give the students so much work that you end up marking for days on end. Use Quizizz or Kahoot to create self-correcting quizzes or reviews for language and math; use Mp3 voice recorders to have students record a spontaneous response to anything then, you listen and mark (very quick).

Favorite Word/Expressions in the Target Language

Hé misère or Calme-toi le poil des jambes! (Je suis Québécoise.)

Translations:  Hé misère = Oh my!  Calme-toi le poil des jambes= Calm down.

Expression de ma grand-mère: mon coeur s’élance vers toi comme un boeuf dans une porte de grange.

Translation:  From her grandmother . . . The last one is a metaphor, no translation for it. Just imagine how it would if your heart ran at someone like a bull racing toward the barn door (WHAM!).

What You Do in Your Non-Existent Free Time

I am also an online instructor for additional qualification courses for teachers. I am an FSL instructor for my union and a course provider. But, me-time is taking fitness classes; I need someone to tell me what to do, otherwise, I do not do much.

Thanks for sharing, Anne-Marie Rocheleau!
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